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Other Links of Interest


Pro-Design Websites

Access Research Network

Creation Research Society

Center for Scientific Creationism

Science Against Evolution

Critique of Evidences for Evolution by Ashby Camp

The Carbon-14 Content of Fossil Carbon (Giem, Paul)

God's Machine Shop

Answers in Genesis

Creation/Evolution Quotes - Researched by Stephen Jones



DNA Sequence Comparisons

Present Day DNA

Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance

Neandertal DNA - Krings et al.

Neandertal and Modern Human Relationships (Pro and Con)

Peptidase Homologies

Protein and Gene Sequencer

Publication of Human Genome Draft Sequence

Phylogenetics - Evolutionary Perspective

Phylogenetics - Evolutionary Perspective 2

Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Rates (Plaisted, David)

DNA Mutation Rates (Observed)

DNA Mutation Rates - Based on Evolutionary Sequence Comparisons

DNA Mutation Rates - Based on Evolutionary Sequence Comparisons 2

Human DNA Mutation Rates - Based on Evolutionary Sequence Comparisons 3

DNA Mutation Rates - Molecular Clock Hypothesis

Mutation Types and Rates

Population Genetics (Plaisted, David)

Mutation Problems (Plaisted, David)

Zygote to Zygote Mutation Rates (Status Post Radiation Exposure)

Nylon - Making It

Nylonase Evolution

Nylonase Evolution 2



Extensive Paper on Yellowstone Fossil Forests

Summary Paper on Yellowstone Fossil Forests


Geologic Column Catastrophes (Brand, Leonard)

Geology of the Grand Canyon

Geology - Evolution Perspective (Morton, Glenn)

Plate Tectonics: A Paradigm Under Threat (Pratt, David)

Shale and Sand Layering

Stratigraphic Narrative


Radiometric Dating and Isochrons

Isochrons Fatally Flawed

Accuracy of Potassium Argon Dating

Attack on Radiometric Dating (Plaisted, David)

Excess Argon Problem Challenged





Human Nature

The Nature of Man




. Home Page                                                                           . Truth, the Scientific Method, and Evolution   

. Methinks it is Like a Weasel                                                 . The Cat and the Hat - The Evolution of Code   

. Maquiziliducks - The Language of Evolution             . Defining Evolution    

. The God of the Gaps                                                           . Rube Goldberg Machines  

. Evolving the Irreducible                                                     . Gregor Mendel  

. Natural Selection                                                                  . Computer Evolution  

. The Chicken or the Egg                                                         . Antibiotic Resistance  

. The Immune System                                                            . Pseudogenes  

. Genetic Phylogeny                                                                . Fossils and DNA  

. DNA Mutation Rates                                                            . Donkeys, Horses, Mules and Evolution  

. The Fossil Record                                                                . The Geologic Column  

.  Early Man                                                                                . The Human Eye  

. Carbon 14 and Tree Ring Dating                                     . Radiometric Dating  

 . Amino Acid Racemization Dating                   . The Steppingstone Problem

.  Quotes from Scientists                                                           . Ancient Ice

 . Meaningful Information                                                          . The Flagellum

 . Harlen Bretz                                   . Milankovitch



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